Music Stand Height Stabilizers

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What should I use to clean the shaft of my music stand?

A. I have had great success with the spray I use to clean the “White Board” in my rehearsal room. Check out this short video. 

Q. What if my music is too heavy for Standaconda to hold?

A. After making sure the shaft is clean and dry, try using two Standacondas, making sure they are adjacent and fully compressed.


Q. Do they come in colors?

A. Available in 'Concert' black or 'Don't forget me' green.


Q. What methods of payment can I use?

A. Our online store will accept PayPal and most major credit cards. 


Q. Where can I buy a Standaconda?

A. At this time we only have direct sales through our web site.


Q. Do you send out free samples?

A. No, but we have posted a product demonstration video.


Q. Do you have special pricing for schools?

A. Yes, please email us for details.

Q. Do I have to pay sales tax?

A. Yes, unless you have tax exempt status. If you are a school or other non-profit entity, please submit your order, along with a copy of your tax exempt letter, via email.